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Quartz Minerals
Quartz Minerals are used as oscillators in radios, watches, and pressure gauges, and in the study of optics.They break consistently with a conchoidal fracture and was one of the first materials used to make tools by early people. They used it to make cutting tools.
Wollastonite Powder
We are providing a wide array of Ceramics and Paint. It is used in and around the home. It is considered as an alternative than the traditional types of paint. Apart from this, provided paint is useful to give protection against the sun's ultraviolet rays.
Dolomite Powder

Dolomite Powder is used for acid neutralization in the chemical industry, in stream restoration projects, and as a soil conditioner. This is used as a source of magnesia, a feed additive for livestock, a sintering agent and flux in metal processing, and as an ingredient in the production of glass, bricks, and ceramics.

Mica Products

Mica Products acts as a reflective and refractive properties make mica an important ingredient in blushes, eye liner, eye shadow, foundation, hair and body glitter, lipstick, etc. These products are very effective and widely used by our customers for different purposes.These products are highly appreciated in the market by our customers.

Soap Stone Powder

Soap Stone Powder is a type of metamorphic rock. It is composed largely of the magnesium rich mineral talc.This is used in many industries such as paper making, plastic, paint and coatings, rubber, food, electric cable, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, ceramics, etc. This has been used for stoves, sinks, electrical switchboards, etc.

Potassium Feldspar

Potassium Feldspar plays an important role as fluxing agents in ceramics and glass production, and is also used as functional fillers in the paint, plastic, rubber and adhesive industries.By volume, however, the most significant use of this feldspar is as aggregate in concrete and asphalt.

Marble Chips
Our firm is instrumental in rendering a broad range of Marble Chips. These are formulated with a fine grade of calcium carbonate. These chips are ideal for areas that are prone to high winds. These are able to ensure a visual appeal to your flower beds and amazing texture to enhance the beauty.
Copper Slag
We are indulged in dealing a wide stock of Copper Slag. It is used to reduce the heat of hydration. It is made during smelting and refining of copper. This slag is suitable for road construction and abrasion tools.
Garnet Sand
With an aim to become a renowned firm, we are supplying a unique range of Garnet Sand. It is used for cleaning building exteriors. This sand is a good abrasive and mainly suitable for such blasting treatments. It aids to cut materials in water jets.

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